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Managed Industrial Switches

Managed Industrial Ethernet Switches
Compact DIN Rail Switches

Perle has over 516 models of Managed Industrial Ethernet Switches with the vast array of options including 10/100/1000 Ethernet, PoE, fiber and combo ports.

Specifically designed to stand up to extreme temperatures, vibrations, and shocks, Perle IDS Industrial-grade Ethernet Switches are ideal for the harsh environments found in factory and industrial automation, marine, rail and intelligent transportation systems (ITSs), oil and gas, mining and outdoor applications.

Perle Managed Switches come with a Comprehensive Management Feature Set including P-Ring, management VLAN, QoS, RMON, N:1 port mirroring and local alert log.  

However, to meet the needs enterprise-grade level environments where additional extensive security and network integration functionality is required, choose a Perle IDS Switch with the additional PRO feature set.  IDS Switches with the PRO Feature Set support:

  • Comprehensive Management Feature Set PLUS...
  • TACACS+ and RADIUS authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) security services
  • SSH, SNMPv3, and HTTPS secure management sessions
  • IP address and IP Port number Management Access Lists (ACL)
  • Password Strength Checking
  • Protection of User Access Ports through IEEE 802.1x  Authentication and Port Security
  • Advanced protocols to optimize the performance and intelligence of the network:  LLDP-MED, GVRP, Voice VLANs, MSTP, GMRP, and IPv6 MLD Snooping
1.905,00  (2.362,20  inc tax)
2.015,00  (2.498,60  inc tax)
1.905,00  (2.362,20  inc tax)
2.015,00  (2.498,60  inc tax)
2.151,00  (2.667,24  inc tax)
2.259,00  (2.801,16  inc tax)
2.151,00  (2.667,24  inc tax)
2.259,00  (2.801,16  inc tax)
659,00  (817,16  inc tax)
805,00  (998,20  inc tax)
749,00  (928,76  inc tax)
761,00  (943,64  inc tax)