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SRS-1110-SFP DIN Rail Media Converters

Industrial Rate Converting Copper to Gigabit Fiber Converters

10/100/1000Base-T to 100/1000Base-X Industrial Rate Converting Media Converters

  • 10/100/1000Base-T to 100/1000Base-X Fiber Media Converters
  • Empty slot for Cisco and other industry standard SFPs
  • Meets IEC 61850-3 & IEEE 1613 electric power substation environmental standards
  • Class 1 Division 2 certified for hazardous locations
  • Link copper to multimode or single mode fiber
  • -40°C to +75°C (-40°F to +167°F) extended operating temperature
  • Advanced Features: Link Pass-Through, Far-End Fault, Auto-MDIX
  • Triple Power Input: Dual Terminal block power connector & T-Bus

The Perle SRS-1110-SFP DIN Rail Media Converter transparently connects UTP CAT5/6/7 copper to fiber in electric utility and power substation environments. With an extended operating temperature range of -40°C to +75°C and advanced electrical certifications for IEC 61850-3, IEEE1613 and EN 61000-4-16, these fiber to Ethernet converters meet all requirements necessary to operate safely in the harsh electrical environments associated with power utility and substation deployments.

The SRS Media Converters are also designed to operate in hazardous industrial locations. With numerous certifications, including ATEX Class 1 Zone 2 and ANSI/ISA 12.12.01 Class 1 Division 2, you are ensured safe and reliable operation in locations where flammable gases, liquids or vapors are handled, processed or used.

  • Extend the data transmission distance of IP-based devices by connecting their 10/100/1000Base-T copper interface to Fast Ethernet or Gigabit fiber.
  • Extend the distance of an existing industrial network by linking CAT5/6/7 cabling to multimode or single mode fiber.
  • Extend the distance between two copper-based devices or networks
  • Protect Ethernet data from EMI noise and interference by inter-connecting your copper-Ethernet devices over fiber in industrial plants.

The pluggable fiber optics port allows for flexible network configurations using SFP transceivers supplied by Perle, Cisco or other manufacturers of MSA compliant SFPs.

Network Administrators can "see-everything" with Perle's advanced features such as Auto-Negotiation, Auto-MDIX, Link Pass-Through, Fiber Fault Alert, and Loopback. This allows for more efficient troubleshooting and less on-site maintenance. These cost and time saving features, along with a lifetime warranty and free worldwide technical support, make SRS-1110-SFP Rate Converting Media Converters the smart choice for IT professionals.

SRS-1110-SFP Fiber Media Converter Features: 10/100/1000Base-T to 100/1000Base-X

Fully designed to operate in extreme temperatures

Perle SRS-1110-SFP Industrial Media Converters only use components that are fully qualified and rated to operate in -40F to +167F.

There are other products on the market that claim to operate at -40F to +167F however, they use “commercial-grade” components that have not been qualified by the manufacturer (OEM) to operate at the claimed temperature ranges. When “commercial-grade” parts are exposed to extremely high or low temperatures, product failures are inevitable. For example, integrated circuits on the PCB overheat causing premature failures. Under-rated connectors do not allow for proper contact between the device and the cables. These failures eventually stop all data communications in these high and low temperature environments.

By choosing Perle you can be confident you will not be subjected to these failures.

DIN Rail Enclosure Easily mount on a DIN rail or inside distribution boxes using native DIN Rail enclosure with grounding clip. No need for add-on brackets.

The media converter supports auto negotiation. The 1000Base-X fiber interface negotiates according to 802.3 clause 37. The 10/100/1000Base-T negotiates according to 802.3 clause 28 and 40. The 1000Base-X will link up with its partner after the highest common denominator (HCD) is reached and the copper has linked up with its partner. The 1000Base-X will continue to cycle through negotiation transmitting a remote fault of offline (provided this is enabled through the switch setting) until the copper is linked up and the HCDs match.

The media converter supports auto-negotiation of full duplex, half duplex, remote fault, full duplex pause, asymmetric pause and Auto MDI-X.


Auto-MDIX (automatic medium-dependant interface crossover) detects the signaling on the copper ethernet interface to determine the type of cable connected (straight-through or crossover) and automatically configures the connection when enabled. The media converter can also correct for wires swapped within a pair.

The media converter will adjust for up to 120ns of delay skew between the 1000Base-T pairs.

Smart Link Pass-Through When Smart Link Pass-Through mode is enable, the Ethernet copper port will reflect the state of the Ethernet fiber media converter port. This feature can be used whether fiber auto-negotiation is enabled or disabled.
SFP Speed Sensing Automatically detects whether a Gigabit or Fast Ethernet fiber SFP has been inserted and adjusts accordingly.
Fiber Fault Alert With Fiber Fault Alert the state of the Ethernet fiber receiver is passed to the Ethernet fiber transmitter. This provides fault notification to the partner device attached to the Ethernet fiber interface of the media converter. If the Ethernet fiber transmitter is off, as a result of this fault, it will be turned on periodically to allow the condition to clear should the partner device on the Ethernet fiber be using a similar technique. This eliminates the possibility of lockouts that occur with some media converters. Applies only when fiber auto-negotiation is disabled.
Pause (IEEE 802.3xy) Pause signaling is an IEEE feature that temporarily suspends data transmission between two devices in the event that one of the devices becomes overwhelmed. The media converter supports pause negotiation on the 10/100/1000Base-T copper connection and 1000Base-X fiber connection.
Duplex Full and half duplex operation supported.
Jumbo Packets Transparent to jumbo packets up to 10KB.
VLAN Transparent to VLAN tagged packets.
Remote LoopBack Capable of performing a loopback on the 1000Base-X fiber interface.
675,00  (837,00  inc tax)
Perle Systems, Lifetime
SRS-1110-SFP - 10/100/1000 Industrial Media and Rate Converter: 10/100/1000BASE-T (RJ-45) [100 m/328 ft] to 1000BASE-X or 100BASE-X - SFP Slot (empty) - Ruggedized to IEC 61850-3/IEEE 1613, -40F to +167F (-40C to +75C) extended operating temperature support. DIN Rail case, terminal block (Combicon) power connector for external power source