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Integrated ERP Innovative Technologies & Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has a single purpose. Make your customers to buy your goods or services. To achieve your goals, you do not need expensive ways of marketing, in order to be effective too. It is more effective to focus on specific goals than trying to contact everyone.

Practically all Digital Marketing efforts can and should be monitored for their effectiveness in creating sales, creating positive perceptions and net profits. Consistency in Marketing is more important than to speak louder.

Campaigns marketing, designed to achieve one goal at a certain time, should be coordinated in style and substance to ensure that a consistent and coherent message is received by the consumer. There are many cheap and effective promotional strategies beyond the traditional media, but are not fully utilized by most companies. This creates competitive gaps that can and should be eliminated.

Digital Marketing Solutions

  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Visual Sensitive
  • Pay per click advertising (Google Adwords)
  • Convert website visitors into customers (Conversion optimization)
  • Website Evaluation (Web Analytics)
  • Social Media
  • Design and Sending Email Newsletter
  • Tag Marketing
  • SMS Marketing

Smart marketing is the key to a successful business!

33,00  (40,92  inc tax)
1.180,00  (1.463,20  inc tax)
1.540,00  (1.909,60  inc tax)
1.880,00  (2.331,20  inc tax)
880,00  (1.091,20  inc tax)
1.240,00  (1.537,60  inc tax)
1.580,00  (1.959,20  inc tax)