Data Communication Systems Integrated ERP-CRM & Digital Marketing

By Directive 2001/115/EC of the European Parliament and the relative adaptation of Greek legislation, given the specifications for alternative ways acceptable and legitimate issue & production, shipping & storage and distribution of all kinds of electronic documents of all companies operating both within the EU and the Greek territory, with the ultimate goal to replace the corresponding paper documents with electronic invoices.


What does my business win?

  • Automation and therefore simplify the invoicing process (reduce errors)
  • Reduce operating costs (pricing, storage, archiving, management)
  • Cost reduction in consumables (paper, ink, etc.)
  • Saving time (quality management staff)
  • Completion of the transaction with the customer in real time
  • Facilitating transactions with public entities


What do I need to start?

  • You need to have a computer with Windows operating system and installed program to send and receive e-mail
  • You need to operate a business management application for the issuing of the electronic invoices
  • You need to register your own domain name on the internet and a hosting service for shipments of electronic invoices
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