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PP-RJ DIN Rail Patch Panels

Easily connect field and control cabinet cabling

  • 10/100/1000 Mbps
  • RJ45 to RJ45, IDC, Push-in or Screw Terminal Block
  • Wiring space covered with front panel cover
  • Tool-free shield contacting with strain relief
  • Compact design with quick and easy mounting
  • Extended temperature range of -40°C to +75°C


Ethernet patch panels make the connection between field cabling and control cabinet cabling quick and easy. A PP-RJ DIN Rail Patch Panel is ideal for installation inside control panels and distribution cabinets where one-to-one simplified connections need to be made. A standard Ethernet patch cable is used between the patch panel and the control cabinet equipment, such as switches, PLCs and routers. Through ICD, Push-in, Screw or RJ45 connectors, field wiring is easily connected to the patch panel and protected inside a covered wiring space. The cable shielding is connected quickly and easily, without tools, while simultaneously ensuring strain relief. This simplifies installation of the field cable and saves a great deal of time during installation. PP-RJ DIN Rail Patch Panels provide the perfect mix of density and flexibility to decrease network risk and improve cable organization in scalable deployments with constricted spaces.

Ideal applications for PP-RJ DIN Rail Patch Panels

  • Inside equipment cabinets with DIN rails
  • Alongside Industrial Ethernet switches and RJ45 (Ethernet or Serial) PLCs
  • Alongside other DIN Rail RJ45 (Ethernet or Serial) control devices
  • Where growth from one to many ports is needed to support high-density installations. Multiple one port DIN Rail Patch Panels can installed side-by-side to grow, as required by the customer application.

Benefits of PP-RJ DIN Rail Patch Panels

Multiple connection technologies For greater flexibility and time savings during installation you can choose between IDC, Push-in, Screw, and RJ45 connections.
  • RJ45 – standard RJ45 Ethernet type connector
  • IDC Terminal Block – due to the tool used, it offers increased productivity and security
  • Push-in Terminal Block – wires can be pushed-in, no tool required
  • Screw Terminal Block – used for tight connections
Covered cable wiring space A hinged cover protects the wiring space on the field cable side with connection terminal blocks and shield contacting. This ensures a uniform installation pattern. In addition to this visual extra, the sensitive connection wires are protected from external influences.
Quick tool-free shield connection with no loose parts The cable shielding can be connected to the device quickly and easily without tools – with strain relief assured at the same time. Simply lay the cable in the shaft provided, close the shroud and, you're done.

Tool-free shield connection
DIN Rail Enclosure Easily mount on a DIN rail or inside distribution boxes using native DIN Rail enclosure with grounding clip. No need for add-on brackets.
Low profile design The low-profile design minimizes cable bend radius in shallow enclosures where space is a premium as well as providing secure cable strain relief.