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Industrial PoE Switches

PoE / PoE+ Industrial Ethernet Switches
Compact DIN Rail PoE Switches

Industrial Ethernet Switches with Power over Ethernet (PoE) are classified as Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE). They enable the UTP cables that carry Ethernet data to also provide up to 30 watts of power to Powered Devices (PDs) such as wireless access points, Voice over IP phones and IP cameras.

The industrial design of the switch, and all internal components, make it ideal for use in harsh environments subject to vibrations, extreme temperature fluctuations and shocks such as:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Outdoor applications
  • Industrial & factory automation
  • Marine & mining
  • Rail & ITS
735,00  (911,40  inc tax)
820,00  (1.016,80  inc tax)
899,00  (1.114,76  inc tax)
933,00  (1.156,92  inc tax)
1.069,00  (1.325,56  inc tax)
933,00  (1.156,92  inc tax)
1.069,00  (1.325,56  inc tax)
1.213,00  (1.504,12  inc tax)
1.213,00  (1.504,12  inc tax)
1.699,00  (2.106,76  inc tax)
1.699,00  (2.106,76  inc tax)
2.427,00  (3.009,48  inc tax)

Why Perle?

The quality of your Industrial Ethernet Switch will affect the uptime of your network. Perle products are cost-effective, easy to install, flexible and manufactured to the highest available quality standards.

Choose an Industrial Ethernet Switch that is made with robust and reliable components.

Perle IDS Switches only use high-end components from leading western chip manufacturers to ensure product reliability.

Choose an Industrial Temperature Ethernet Switch that is made with industrial Temperature Components.

Every component used in Perle Industrial Temperature Ethernet Switches have been designed and tested to handle operating temperatures between -40 and 75°C. Many Ethernet switch manufacturers claim -40 to 75°C but use commercial parts which will severely limit the reliability and lifecycle of the product. Product failures become inevitable when “commercial-grade” parts are exposed to extremely high or low temperatures. For example, integrated circuits on the PCB overheat causing premature failure of the product. Under-rated connectors do not allow for proper contact between the device and the cables. These failures eventually stop all data communications in these high and low temperature environments.

Choose a manufacturer that builds Standards-Based switches.

To ensure that the system will operate with other Ethernet-enabled devices and IP applications, Perle IDS Switches use IEEE standards based protocols. This also facilitates integration between industrial equipment and business office applications. These industry-recognized standards ensure the highest level of durability and adaptability under harsh environmental conditions

Perle Knows Industrial

We have been designing industrial hardware for Modbus and PROFINET to ethernet conversion for over 40 years. This expertise has been used to design the toughest Ethernet switches on the market. Perle IDS-300 and IDS-500 Switches with the PRO feature set can be managed via PLC, NMS, HMI or SCADA systems using PROFINET or Modbus TCP. In addition, MRP (IEC 62439-2) provides fast convergence in an industrial ring network topology.

Choose an Industrial Switch manufacturer with technical engineers you can speak to before you purchase. Make sure you choose the right product.

If you need a technical consultation (by phone or email) to help you choose the best DIN Rail Switch for your application, Perle is easy to reach. We have sales and technical support staff around the globe to support you when you need it.

Choose a manufacturer that will give you post-sales technical support if you need help.

Perle Industrial Ethernet Switches are extremely easy to install. But, if you do get stuck, Perle will not abandon you. Our world-wide Technical Support staff can assist you with any post sales support you might need.

Choose an experienced manufacturer that you can trust.

Perle has been providing reliable device connectivity solutions since 1976. That’s over 35 years of experience that businesses around the globe have come to trust to deliver superior connectivity technology for mission critical applications.

Network uptime is vitally important to your success. Choose quality products. Choose Perle.