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Free Wi-Fi

The strengths of the Bluenetork Hotspot systems


  1. Create a free and easy wireless access point for surfing in Internet;
  2. Viral marketing: The user click on “Like” of your business Facebook page. This means that every customer who wants to use Wi-Fi has to “Like” the Facebook page which can be seen by all of their friends, the customer will receive in real time your promotions / offers loaded on the Facebook page and all the friends of this customer will receive a message saying that he was at your business, he likes your business and he is surfing through free Wi-Fi. Can happen that, every 100 people who surf through our solution, will generate about 50.000 people informed of your business;
  3. Simple and Immediate Authentication for people from every nationalities because based on the use of Facebook accounts (international standard) or other international social networks;
  4. Proximity marketing via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology: you can upload images or audio/video files on the coupon gallery, this allow an instant viewed from the splash page of your promotions (the splash page is the page where a user will be redirect automatically before authentication). 
  5. Capture profiled informations of your customer, in order to offer promotions to specific targets. Differentiate the message for different targets: You can manage more devices installed in different areas, singly or in groups, with the same remote Cloud service to manage;



Main features

Social Login
Technical Support:
Bluetooth Marketing
Wi-Fi Antenna:
9db Antenna
Wi-Fi Coverage:
Big areas
Configuration UMTS
Show Coupons
Motion Sensitive Display
Cloud Web Panel

Bluenetwork hotspot allow to do viral marketing, proximity marketing, geolocalization all in one action, how?

 This is the first WiFi hotspot (covered by patent) that works like Wi-Fi access point to “catch your customers”,Free Wi-Fi bluenetwork but at the same time, through the Bluemoz Cloud Free service (= Save Money), you can create important marketing actions!

Our offer it’s easy: an hotspot Wi-Fi, with authentication through Facebook and “Call to Action” of “Like” that allow to surf on internet and Viral Marketing (= Expand your business) through social network; not only Facebook! this technology will be upgraded with Twitter and Google+ using the Gmail account.

“Require us the real statistics about Facebook penetration in your Country, there is evidence that social media affect the sales of assets, just think that 90% of people admit to consider the advice that comes from a friend / acquaintance”

With the same solution, you can manage the Coupon Gallery that allow instant view of promotions and/or streaming of audio/video files, all managed with an easy web interface – the fast and flexible Bluemoz Cloud – which shows also statistics, upload multimedia files, all in easy way.

This solution can be also integrated with Bluetooth technology for campaign of Proximity Marketing (= Create). This can give an added value if the hotspot is near to parking areas, restaurants/cafè, crossroads with high traffic, etc.