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Entersoft Mobile

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Entersoft Mobile® can be installed either in a local infrastructure or on Microsoft Azure Cloud, as a licensed product or as SaaS.

Organize and control your contacts and market activities anytime, anywhere, as if you were at office. With Entersoft Mobile® applications your mobile executives can enjoy a comprehensive application in their Windows compatible mobile smartphone or tablet pc, fulfill their tasks and stay updated wherever they are. Entersoft Mobile® is an easy to use, high tech application, with low power consumption, standalone or fully integrated with ERP and CRM.

Get all the information you need from just your ERP and/or CRM data base and get the benefits of a single source of truth throughout your internal or external communication channels.

Analytic reporting in the back office system, for realized sales, targets and budget deviations, market penetration, per segment, area, marketing campaigns evaluation and so forth, get real time visibility on your performance and enable prompt informed decisions.

Moreover, Entersoft Mobile 360o, provides Management online, real time, widespread company insight with MIS Reporting and B.I. Analytics anytime – anywhere. Get the data you wish to monitor on your Windows Mobile compatible devices, iPhone and iPad. Entersoft Mobile 360o is available on Apple’s Apps Store for Apple’s devices.

Entersoft Mobile® provides integrated solutions for:

  • Mobile Ordering and SFA
  • Order and Sales Management
  • Receivables Management
  • Calendar and Appointment Management
  • Leads and Sales Opportunities Management
  • Mobile Merchandising & Questionnaires
  • Mobile Service

For more information please download the Entersoft Mobile SFA, Entersoft Mobile Leaflet and Entersoft Reference List Book.