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Free Entersoft Analyzer

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Entersoft Analyzer

“Remote supervision of your entire business ”

With Entersoft Analyzer®, every business executive can access information from any Entersoft system or combination of on-line systems at any time, from anywhere, through any smart device (smartphone, tablet, smart TV) , through a web browser. Entersoft Analyzer® contains an easy-to-use menu per business role (Management, Sales, Financial Management, Customer Support, Logistics) with intelligently designed dashboards, OLAPs, lists, geo reports, graphs and benchmarking , with simple handling, but with meaningful and role-oriented information.

The versions available are Free, Professional & Premium that differ in the number of users who can use them, the number of available reports and the ability to add new customized reports. Entersoft Analyzer® gives you access to a variety of Business Intelligence reports and analytics (BI) analytics, supporting business decisions and remote control tasks at any time, without linking to the corporate network. Entersoft Analyzer® is addressed to all customers of any Entersoft product with an active New Releases contract.

 Use the Free trial: https://cloud.entersoft.gr/en/apps/

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