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Free Social WiFi with all the benefits of Viral Marketing

by Web Admin
Free Social WiFi with all the benefits of Viral Marketing

Take advantage of the power of Free Social WiFi

with all the benefits of Viral Marketing

We would like to inform you that our company Data Communication Systems provides innovative and integrated Digital Marketing Solutions for your business, visitors and customers

Additionally, and independently, with that circulates up to now on the market, our company, with Bluenetwork service via Free Social Wifi, enables you to enjoy all the advantages of today Social Media.

Simple and easy to use Viral Marketing make the most dynamic part of customers and your visitors (ages 18 - 44+) to advertise your business, products and services tis.Pos to achieve this? Very easily! Just connect our special equipment with your modem and your customers will automatically be able to navigate freely on the Internet, provided they do Like to the page you specify to Facebook.

Why only provide Free Social Wifi by the time you can take advantage effectively to promote your business, products and services?Text shown when image is not displayed

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Advantages of Viral Marketing

  • Company & brand awareness.
  • Modern picture modern technology, differentiation, competitive advantage
  • Original way of viewing company, products, services, offers, sponsorship of social contribution
  • Extent and Dissemination of advertising your "voice" in social media, allowing, if desired, to build and promote you your own campaigns
  • Promotion of modern and contemporary profile of your business
  • Adopt mature technology giants trust many companies
  • Simultaneous communication for the entire network all network points and shop with participation of your customers
  • Separate communication experience at point of sale (store experience)
  • Build strong relationships with your customers (Target Group 18-44 +)
  • Increasing the time spent in the store while increasing customer tisikanopoiisis
  • Increase likes to your page
  • Great effect in attracting consumer interest
  • Meet the need for constant updating
  • Contribute to reducing paper use and fighting urban pollution, highlighting the environmental awareness of the company​

We hope to have the opportunity to meet you and present you our solutions,
suggesting the most suitable for your business


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